All you need to know about Alanya

All you need to know about Alanya

Alanya is a mostly-visited ancient city in Turkey that is widely known in the world. It is now one of the prominent tourist destinations in the world and each year, many people make it a must-to-visit city. If you hadn’t so far the chance to visit the city, please let us make you more familiar with this scenic dream city.



Everything about Alanya      


Alanya is, without any doubt, one of the most beautiful, historic and magnificent cities in Turkey with charming and picturesque sights. The city is a combination of attractive shores and charismatic woods and forests, which has turned Alanya to one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. The historic city of Alanya is in 135 Km reach of Antalya. The city is extended to the Mediterranean sea in south, to Taurus mountains in north, to Manavgat in west and to Gazipasha in east. In ancient time, the city has been part of Iranian emperor and later came under the Greeks and Romans rule. In 1471, Alanya was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire.

everything about Alanya

everything about Alanya



The climate of Alanya

Alanya is one of the Turkish city with very good and moderate Mediterranean climate. Winters are wet and rainy with the least possibility of snow fall; however, sometimes during winters, snow covers Taurus mountains due to its height that creates an incredible scene. On the other hand, summers are dry and warm in Alanya. On certain days, fog formation creates a stunning view over Taurus mountains due to its proximity to the sea. Also, at times, long holes create beautiful and cloudless waterspouts when getting near the seashore.

The average temperature of sea water is 21 centigrade on annual basis that has made every month of the year suitable for visiting this dream city. Summer and spring are the best seasons to travel to Alanya as you can use attractive beach sports there.

everything about Alanya



Culture of Alanyan people


Although the beautiful city of Alanya has changed a lot in the course of history, people of Alanya still adhere to their traditions and beliefs. The city has a very well-built culture. However, the city and buildings in Alanya has changed their traditional form into a modern and beautiful appearance. The people wear fashionable clothes, but still use their traditional garments in religious ceremonies.

Mourning and funeral services are still held traditionally and people gather in the house of the late person to sympathy with the family members. In mourning ceremonies, no food is made in the house of the deceased person up to 3 days; only Halva is served, but the neighbors and friends cook and take the food to them during these 3 days.

If you speak Turkish language, people show you their respect.

Smoking cigarette and alcoholic drinks in the public is not prohibited.

The inhabitants in Alanya use compliments a lot and should be respected.

People in Alanya do bargain and you can easily get discount when shopping.

You should take off your shoes before entering homes floored with carpet.

In trade, you can easily trust in Alanyan people as they keep their promise.

everything about Alanya

everything about Alanya


Language in Alanya

Turkish is the official language of people in Alanya and the majority of population in the city speaks in Turkish; however, other languages, such as Kurdish, Azerbaijani Turkish, English and Zazarian are spoken here and there by migrants came to Alanya from other parts of the world. Therefore, the variety of languages in different parts of the city indicates the diverse ethnicities live in Alanya.

everything about Alanya


The best shopping centers in Alanya

Alanya is one of the most attractive cities in Turkey for shopping. The city’s shopping malls are so charming that attract every onlooker. In fact, it is not possible to travel to this dream city and not to visit its shopping malls, which is why many travelers visit Alanya every year in order to shop.

Alanyum Shopping Center is one of the best malls in the city where you can find all brands of clothing, handbags, shoes and foodstuffs.

Megamal is one of the most luxurious shopping centers in the city, with many domestic and foreign brands, along with many facilities for different people.

If you are interested in leather items, Denver Shopping Center can be a great attraction for you.

Maison Alanya Shopping Mall is one of the most luxurious yet traditional and locally decorated jewelry centers.

Alanya Bay is one of the most beautiful and stunning places with shops, cafes and restaurants. In this great seaside bazaar you can find everything you can think of. Even if you are not there for shopping, it could be an unforgettable sightseeing.

everything about Alanya



Best hotels in Alanya

If you are going to travel to the beautiful city of Alanya, you should know that the city is full of luxury hotels where you can have a terrific stay with a memorable journey.

Xafira Deluxe Resort is one of the most beautiful 5-star hotels in the city, designed like a charming palace. Hotel has a 500 meter private seashore and a variety of facilities for travelers.

Botanik Hotel & Resort is one of the most beautiful hotels in the city, a home to thousands variety of vegetation and a very wonderful landscape. In the midst of lush surroundings, the facilities at this hotel create a luxurious stay at this hotel.

The Michell Hotel is one of the most scenic hotels in the city with rooms with spectacular views that makes every guest enjoy the hotel.

Rubi Platinum Spa Resort & Suites is one of the 5- star hotels in the city with a private sandy beach and a variety of facilities for its travelers.

Granada Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, near the Mediterranean Sea, creating an attractive and amazing view for travelers.

The Lumos Deluxe Resort Hotel Alanya is also one of the most beautiful hotels in the city with a range of stunning views.

everything about Alanya

Best dining in Alanya

Apart from attractions and secrets of the city, Alanya welcomes travelers with variety of gourmet and specialty foods. Turkish dishes are so delicious and you can try them during your trip to Alanya.

Turkish breakfasts are well-known in the world, because nowhere else you can find such a combination in your breakfast. Traditional breakfasts of the city include gouda cheese, olive, tomato, sausages, salad, egg, bacon, bread, honey and jam.

Turkish kebab is one of the most famous dishes in Alanya and you can find this delicious food anywhere in the city.

Doner Kebab is another tasty dish made with meat and all kinds of delicious spices.

Oyster is also one of the most delicious foods you can try in Alanya. Oyster can be easily farmed and fished anywhere in the Mediterranean sea and is therefore one of Turkey’s much loved foods.

Dolmeh (wrapped and stuffed dish) is one of Alanya’s gourmet that is cooked with different recipes.

Lentil soup is one of the most delicious soups you can find anywhere in this city.

Baklava is very popular; Turkish Baklava is one of the most delicious pastries in the world with many fans and you can find the best type in Alanya.

everything about Alanya


Living conditions in Alanya

Alanya is one of the best cities in Turkey to live. This popular city is now the destination for many people and many foreign nationals live in the city. The tourism is a booming industry in Alanya and this city is one of the hubs for cultivation of bananas and oranges in the world. The cost of living in the city is much cheaper than in cities like Istanbul; for the very reason, many investors buy and invest there every year. The people’s livelihood is very good in Alanya.

everything about Alanya


Major festivals in Alanya

The beautiful city of Alanya is home to many charming festivals every year, which incite many to travel to the city every year to attend such festivals.

The Arts & Tourism Festival that is held every year in May, is one of the city’s most fascinating festivals, hosting many guests with a variety of Turkish dishes and beverages together with fireworks and thousands of entertaining programs.

The Alanya Jazz Festival, in mid-September, is very interesting to music lovers.

The Opera and Ballet Festival is also held annually in the city and has its own fans.

everything about Alanya


New Year’s celebrations in Alanya

New Year’s celebration in Alanya is held every year more magnificent than ever, and many people attend this major celebration. Decorated Christmas trees can be seen everywhere, making the city more attractive. One of the most important events for almost all people in Alanya during Christmas is that they participate in the Christmas lottery and try their chances.

everything about Alanya


Souvenirs from Alanya

Everybody likes to take some souvenirs from the beautiful city of Alanya for friends and loved ones; therefore, you should be familiar with the most popular souvenirs in Alanya.

Turkish Eye Bead is one of the souvenirs that can be found anywhere in the shops.

Quality and pretty scarves and shawls can also be found in every shop.

Halva Ardeh is one of the most delicious foods easily found in most shops in Alanya.

Tasty and colorfull spices and seasonings can also be a great souvenir from the historic city of Alanya.

Turkish coffee is one of the most famous souvenirs in the city that you can buy in attractive packs.

Range of cosmetics like all other cities in Turkey can be found in Alanya.

Tasty Turkish pastires like baklava is also one of the great souvenirs for your loved ones.

سوغاتی های شهر Alanya قطعا پس از سفر به شهر زیبای آلانیا، شما نیز دوست دارید تا برای دوستان و عزیزان خود، از این شهر، سوغاتی تهیه کنید. بنابراین بهتر است با سوغاتی های معروف Alanya آشنا شوید. نظر قربانی یکی از سوغاتی هایی است که در بیشتر فروشگاه های این شهر دیده می شود. شال و روسری های با کیفیت و زیبا را می توانید در هر فروشگاهی مشاهده کنید. حلوا و ارده یکی از لذیذترین خوراکی هایی است که می توانید در بیشتر فروشگاه های Alanya آن را تهیه کنید. ادویه های خوش رنگ و طعم نیز می تواند یک سوغاتی بسیار عالی از شهر تاریخی Alanya باشد. قهوه ترک یکی از شناخته شده ترین سوغاتی های این شهر است که می توانید آن را در بسته بندی های زیبا تهیه نمایید. لوازم آرایشی و بهداشتی در شهر Alanya نیز مانند دیگر شهرهای ترکیه به وفور پیدا می شود. انواع شیرینی های خوشمزه ترکی مانند باقلوا نیز می تواند یکی از سوغاتی های بسیار عالی برای عزیزانتان باشد.


Tourist attractions in Alanya

Alanya Water Park is one of the city’s most fascinating sights in the Ataturk area, where you can find all sorts of aquatic amusements in the park and spend happy hours with your friends.

The Alanya Archaeological Museum is home to many historical artifacts of the city from different ancient times that must be visited and enjoyed.

Alanya Castle is one of the city’s most adored sights, maintained from Seljuks era. The Byzantine architecture of its building has made it much more stunning and magnificent.

Kursanlar Cave is one of the most spectacular caves in the city, which during ancient times was the site to store the properties of pirates and is very impressive.

Damatlash cave is one of the most famous sights in Alanya and the important thing about it is that the cave atmosphere heals asthma.

Other attractions and sights in Alanya that will be remembered by everyone include:


Salt cave

Alanya Dim River (Dimçay)

Summertime route of Taurus mountains

Alanya terrace on the northern part of Cleopatra beach

Canoeing in the roaring rivers around the city

Paragliding on high altitudes of central and western shore of Alanya

Jet ski  that is almost available in the entire coastline of Alanya.

Pirate ships tour; ships that seem to be old with the same design of pirate ships. They sail along different beaches in Alanya and make it possible to visit natural attractions of the various beaches, allow fishing, swimming and diving in safe and pre-arranged locations. Also, live music is predicted on board.

Safari excursions are performed with off-road vehicles in groups on mountain and river routes.

Live shows are held in the main square of the city by the governor’s office and the municipality during  various events.

Group camps are held at the vicinity of city with rich programs organized by the municipality.

And finally, the weekly bazaars (excepts on Sundays) are launched in different neighborhoods. These attractive bazaars provide customers with organic foods, fruits, greens produced by local farmers.

everything about Alanya

everything about Alanya

everything about Alanya

everything about Alanya

everything about Alanya

everything about Alanya

everything about Alanya

everything about Alanya

everything about Alanya

everything about Alanya

everything about Alanya


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